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Pinho LMO, Barbosa MA. Life and death in the daily: reflections with the professional of the health. Rev. Eletr. Enf. [Internet]. 2009;11(1):201. Available from:

Life and death in the daily: reflections with the professional of the health1



Lícia Maria Oliveira PinhoI, Maria Alves BarbosaII

I Enfermeira, Mestre, Professora Adjunto I do Curso de Enfermagem da Universidade Católica de Goiás. Doutoranda do Programa Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG). Goiânia/GO. E-mail:

II Enfermeira, Doutora, Professora Titular da Faculdade de Enfermagem da UFG. Goiânia/GO. E-mail:



Life and death in the daily: reflections with the professional of health was written with the purpose of contribute with the project of the State Politics of Humanization of the assistance and of the Health Management of the State of the Ceará, that defines in your guidelines " to provide the appropriate preparation to the experience of losses, of suffering, of dying and of the death ". 

The work is organized in thematic about of the senses of the death and of dying in the occident. It presents four chapters that talk about the life and the death in a valuable contribution about the understanding of the death as indispensable part of the life and your inclusion in the cares offered by the professionals of the health. The authors provoke in a competent and sensitive way the rethinking about the subjects of the death and of the dying, starting from the reality lived by the professionals. They put in evidence an indispensable theme for taking care humanized in the practices of health and not give the reference to the patients and your relatives, which in some way share with the professionals of the process of taking care. 

The first chapter: the death and the dying in the life and your senses, contains teachings retired of the poets that through your music and poems portray the death in the most different ways, but recognizes it as part of the life in your fullness. They present an abbreviation revision about the death´s history, the transformations happened along of the time and your several meanings. Concluding the chapter the authors reminds the fact that the man is the only animal that knows that will die and this conscience provokes fear and solitude feelings. They also portray importants subjects as the aging, the losses and your implications, that are going happening along the life, and last they talk about the science´s power, that tries to postpone the death considering that in this moment the biggest part of die´s process is the professional's of the health responsibility.

The second chapter: the professional of the health before the death, treats of the professional’s unpreparedness, it presents some basic concepts as euthanasia, medical futility, to discuss to subjects of the emotion, of sense of the life and of the death for each person, of the need of moments for that the professionals can to reflect on the own death. To think in the own death means to reflect about the life as not as a group of vital signs that have to be monitored. The reading invites us to consider the death as not as enemy, but as a complement of the life, in that life and death form the totality of being. 

The third chapter: the appeal to the re-humanization of the death. The authors reflect about the technological progress of the Medicine that at every cost tries the prolongation of the life and that not always those actions are accompanied of help for a good death. They point out, in this context, the solitude, the impersonal and the inhumanization of the Being that is dying. In this same chapter is discussed still the relevance of the palliative cares and the twelve beginnings for a good death published in England.

In the fourth chapter, practical application: like this in the life as in the death, the authors propose a series of practical activities for  be developed in groups, with the objective of to sensitize the professionals to share, in wheels of chats in the services of health about the life and the death. The organization of this activities is in the workshop format meddled by appreciation of poems, music and support texts.

In the final considerations the prominence is given for the fact that the most important seems to be a solidary attitude together to the Being that is dying. Besides, the authors also consider important the invigoration of the Public Politics and the consolidation of the Palliative Cares.

It is treat of a work with clear style, objective, easy reading, that maintains us in the expectation of reaching the end. We recommend the reading of this book is recommended to the teachers of the courses of the health, professionals of health, students, as well as for people that are interested in enlarging knowledge about the subjects of the death and of the dying.



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1Review of the work: Gomes AMA, Ruiz EM. Life and death in the daily: reflections with the professional of the health. 1ª edition. Fortaleza (CE): EdUECE;2006.

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