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Évora YDM. Nursing in the Age of Computer Science. Rev. Eletr. Enf. [Internet] 2007;9(1):15. Available from:


Nursing in the Age of Computer Science



Yolanda Dora Martinez ÉvoraI

ITitular Professor at The University of Sao Paulo Nursing chool of Ribeirao Preto



The historical context where we live had been characterized for changes which take us from an industrial society to that one being called as "the age of computer science". Nowadays the computer science is understood as the technological line that deals the information processing – in a computer in particular. This word can be substituted, in any context, for information technology or information systems.

The technological innovation exemplified by computers, communication and data transference’s web, CD-ROMs (Compact Disc – Read Only Memory), touch-sensitive monitors, bar’s code readers, voice recognition system, webcam, amongst others, has caused changes in the processes and the services rendering. The modernization in the Health Institutions is a desirable and irreversible advance.

Some elements become computers essentials to the hospital services, such as: the processing of a great amount of information taking a short time; speedy information organization; without any errors. Therefore the increasing concern about the efficient information system development is expected to allow advances in the services management, productivity increase and improvement in the quality of health care assistance.

It is important for nurses to understand how technology information allows changing in their daily work, and how to enjoy its benefits to create new opportunities and take place in this changing process. The computer science in Nursing is a new paradigm introduced to nurses resulting from the computational technology advances effects.

The computer duties in nursing routine are to help nurses to organize and to manage information, offering in real time any necessary data for their tasks development. Information is, therefore, a critical component to efficient and high quality decisions in nursing practice

In spite of information systems have been developed to become better the efficiency and productivity of the nursing team, the key for the success is in its acceptance and availability to start a changing process.

The nursing professional’s conscientiousness using the information technology will be redundant in the final product reorientation, in the sense of benefiting the patient, reducing costs and rationalization the work. Thus, this has been the great challenge of the nursing in computer science.

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