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Medeiros M. Editorial. Rev. Eletr. Enf. [Internet]. 2007; 9(3): 572-572. Available from: URL:




Marcelo MedeirosI

IPhD, RN. Dean of the Nursing College of the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. Editor of the Revista Eletrônica de Enfermagem. Associate Professor at the Nursing College of the Federal University of Goiás. Goiânia, GO, Brazil. E-mail:



In the last month of 2007, realizing the last issue of the Revista Eletrônica de Enfermagem (Electronic Nursing Journal) – (REE), is a good opportunity for us to get some reflection and evaluation about our conquests in 2007 and challenges that still remain for next year.

The volume 9 issue 3 now presented shows the significant advance of REE, having researcher contributions from three continents. There is significant participation of researchers from the whole Brazil, which represents Latin America; we also have in this issue, contributions from European (Portugal), Asian (Turkey) and North American (USA) researchers. This fact demonstrates the REE visibility in the whole world and its importance as a free open journal access, confirming, thus, the strength of online communication and the trust and recognizing from all in the work we are developing in the Journal. However, in the same time that this fact means advance, points to great challenges to sustain a clear and efficient communication with all readers and authors.

Another conquest that confirms the REE’s team commitment is the presentation of one more issue at the BVS-Enfermagem (Virtual Library in Health – Nursing, available at, making efforts to keep updated all issues in that site. In this way, the REE enforce its commitment with the site’s team and scientific community. The challenge in this way is to warrantee the necessary continuing education of our team to keep the standardization and preparing the papers to that site.

The REE classification as a “C-International” category in the “Qualis-CAPES” brings to us another challenge that is to take care of great number of manuscript submission in 2007, started last 2006 second semester. There’s no doubt that this process brings more responsibilities, but certainly, contributes for a better quality of the REE requested manuscripts from linked Post-Graduation Programs researchers that strength and help to make more visible the Nursing scientific production. The great challenge is to attend to the requests and, for that, we thanks all the REE’s ad hoc consultants and Editorial board on their difficult job in the process of analysis and qualification of the submitted manuscripts.

It is also very important to thanks, one more time, all researches whose sent their manuscripts to REE, as national as international ones, because without them it will be impossible the success until now. That is also important to confirm our commitment to continue in this growing process with the collaboration of our colleagues, extending from volume 10 to 4 issues per year to attend all requests more efficiently.

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